The phase and dielectric properties of the Sol – gel BaTiO3 ceramics

By Singhadej Tangjuank


A sol-gel acetate process was used to synthesize BaTiO3 ceramics, using Sb as dopant. Sintering was performed in a temperature range of 1200 to 1300oC for 4 h.  The XRD analysis revealed that BaTiO3 ceramics indicated tetragonal structure at these temperatures.   With an increase in Sb contents, dielectric measurements of BaTiO3 ceramics exhibited a decrease in dielectric constant and a shift in the Curie temperature (Tc) towards the low temperature.  At 1 and 3 wt% of Sb contents, Tc was shifted near room temperature.  These results had an important role for the application of various devices operated in envelopment at normal temperature.

Keywords:   Sb-doped BaTiO3, Sol-gel process,  X-ray diffraction, Dielectric properties.

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