Interionic interaction of some amino acids in aqueous K2SO4 solution at 303.15K

By R. Palani S. Balakrishnan and V. Rathinasamy


Ultrasonic velocity (U), density (?) and viscosity (h) have been measured for three amino acids viz., L-asparagine, L-histidine and L-lysine in aqueous K2SO4  solution (0.5M) at 303.15K. Using the experimental values, the adiabatic compressibility (ß), hydration number (), apparent molar compressibility (), apparent molar volume (), limiting apparent molar compressibility (), limiting apparent molar volume () and their constants (,), transfer volume () and viscosity B-coefficient of Jones-Dole equation were calculated. The results of the parameters have been discussed in terms of ion-ion and ion-solvent interactions.

Keywords: Ultrasonic velocity, apparent molar compressibility, apparent molar volume and transfer volume.

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