Intensity variation of OH Meinel Bands in the Nightglow

By Jahangir Payamara


OH nightglow measurements from Firuzkuh mountain (52°34¢, 45°34¢) at height of 3000m( 30 km away from Tehran), were carried out for studying the mesosphere emission and its behavior, and the results obtained are reported. From OH (9,3) band , the intensities of entire OH Meinel band system (0.384m-4.47 m) has been evaluated. On the basis  of  ozone-hydrogen mechanism leading to the  emission  of OH Meinel bands  in  the  nightglow,  the  estimated  total  OH  band  intensities  are  utilized  to  calculate  ozone  concentration  prevailing at  night time  over  Mt.  Firuzkuh .


Key Words : Nightglow,  Mesosphere,  OH  Meinel  band


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