Nano scale contact junctions between SWCNT Channel and gate dielectric of CNTFET

By A. Bahari, M. Amiri, Sh. Daliri Rad and S. Karami


Shrinking transistors causes some problems such as leakage current, tunneling and boron diffusion through the ultra thin gate SiO2 . Some researchers believe that CNT (carbon nano tube) can play silicon role in the future of nano transistors. However, the key factors of the next CNTFET (carbon nano tube field –effect-transistor) are SWCNT/Si contacts. The schottky barrier exits at this contact and the energy barrier height is mainly determined by the difference between the SWCNT (metal) work function and Si affinity. Henceforth, much more complexity could arise at a nano scale contact junctions, where just a few carbon atoms could form the contact and the actual schottky barrier height can no longer infer from the traditional contact properties. We have studied analytically and numerically the effects of these contacts on the carrier transport through the SWCNT.


Key Words : Nano transistors, Carbon nano tube, Gate dielectric and Schottky barrier.

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