Measurements of Incoming Solar radiation: Comparison of Data obtained from a Constructed Reliable Model Pyranometer (RMP001) and a high Quality Pyranometer (CMP3) under Varying Climatic Condition at Mubi, Nigeria

By Medugu, D. W., Burari, F.W. and Abdul Azeez, M. A.


This paper deals with the measurements of incoming solar radiation for a location in Mubi using a constructed Reliable Model Pyranometer (RMP001) and a high quality Pyranometer (CMP3). RMP001 was calibrated against CMP3 Pyranometer obtaining a calibration constant of . Measurements were taken at the same time for a period of fourteen months (1st November, 2008 to 31st December, 2009). The differences in results obtained are small enough to yield sufficiently accurate data for some purposes after averaging the measurement over a day. This reliable model pyranometer overcomes traditional problems in this type of device and offers similar characteristics to those of high quality pyranometers and, therefore, can be used in any installation where reliable measurement of solar irradiance is necessary, especially in those where cost is a deciding factor in the choice of a meter.


Key Words : Solar radiation; Reliable Model Pyranometer; Calibration constant; Measurements

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