Rietveld Refinement, Microstructure and Electrical Properties of PbTiO3 Ceramic Materials

By Niranjan Sahu, Manoranjan Kar, S. Panigrahi


PbTiO3 compound was prepared by following the solid state route. X-ray diffraction (XRD) pattern was recorded at room temperature. Sample is found to be in single phase form. All the observed peaks could be indexed to P4mm space group with tetragonal symmetry. The XRD pattern has been analyzed by employing Rietveld method. The unit cell parameters are found to be a=b=3.8987(0.0008)Å and c=4.1380(0.0009)Å. The axial ratio c/a and unit cell volume is found to be 1.0614 and 62.896(0.023)Å3 respectively. Bond lengths and bond angles have been calculated using the cell parameters. The average axial and in plane bond lengths are found to be 1.8865? and 2.0026? respectively. SEM-EDS indicate that the material is uniform and the composition at different places was found to be identical. The average crystallite size was found to be 202.832nm by using Scherrer’s equation. The variation of dielectric constant and loss tangent with temperature and frequency of the sample was also investigated and the observed behavior is explained qualitatively.

PACS:  61.05,-cp;77.80.-e;77.80.Bh;77.84.Dy;


Key Words : Rietveld method; PbTiO3; XRD; SEM-EDS; Tetragonal; Ferroelectric;


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