Inventory and distribution of higher fungi (macrofungi) at the bog Ain Khiar (El Kala National Park, north east of Algeria)


By DJELLOULRadia, BoudjemaaSAMRAOUI, NadjetteLaouabdiaSELLAMI 


The macro-ecology of higher fungi in peatlands of the National Park of El Kala is unknown. This research aims to identify environmental factors that explain the distribution of fungi and subsequently contribute to the knowledge of the composition mycofloristique these particular settings. For this, we selected a protected site in the El Kala National Park and RAMSAR listed since 2002: "The Bog Khiar Ain. The fruiting bodies of fungi have been exhaustively identified during visits monthly from November 2003 until May 2008, and several environmental factors that determine the distribution of species were recorded: altitude, soil acidity, degree of humification Peat, floristic composition of vegetation. Thus, 21 species have been recorded on this site, including 06 species (25%) are specific to this station. A differentiated analysis by functional groups of macrofungi shows that saprotrophic species numbering 15, are determined by several factors of similar importance ectomycorrhizal species are mainly determined by the dominant tree species. A more meaningful analysis of the ecology of fungal communities is obtained by distinguishing functional groups, their composition being determined byenvironmentalfactors.  

Keywords: Macromycetes - Inventory - Bog Ain Khiar - trophic status - distribution.  

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