Ethnobotanical Survey of Anti-Cancer Plants in Ogun State, Nigeria


By Mike O. Soladoye, N. A Amusa, Salmot .O. Raji-Esan, ,Emmanuel C. Chukwuma  and Ayanbamiji, A. Taiwo.


Ethnobotanical survey of the plants used in the management of cancer was carried out in Ogun State, Nigeria. Herbalists, herb sellers and traditionalists living within the area of study were interviewed by the administration of questionnaires.  Seventy-three different species of Angiosperm were found to be used for the management of cancer.  Prominent among these are the members of Liliaceae family which were found to be very important and useful in the management of the disease based on their frequency of occurrence in the recipes.  Several plants parts which were said to be useful were indicated in the recipes.  Some of the plants have been characterized for their active chemical components in literature but their efficacy is not yet established. A need for further scientific research based on the findings of this survey is indeed very necessary and recommended so that adequate records of indigenous methods for the management of cancer can be kept for posterity especially in the study area.  A need for analytical work on the plants identified as useful for the management of cancer is also necessary in order to determine the actual dosage applicable so that the medicinal value of these plants could be made available to humanity and hence reduce pain, cost and sudden death of Nigerians.    

Key words: Ethnobotany, Cancer, Medicinal plants, Herbalists, Traditional healers, Traditional medicine.

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