Assessment of endophytic bacterial diversity among mangrove plants and their antibacterial activity against bacterial pathogens 


By Sundaram Ravikumar, Samuel Jacob Inbaneson, Ramasamy Sengottuvel and Andy Ramu 


Natural products have been the single most productive source of leads for the development of drugs. Natural products from endophytic microbes have been showed many biological activities. The present study was carried out to find out the in vitro antibacterial activity of endophytic bacteria isolated from halophytic plants. A total of 14 endophytic bacterial strains were identified from the leaf tissue of 11 different halophytic plant species. Of them, 2 strains showed broad-spectrum of antibacterial activity against shrimp pathogens which were identified as Bacillus thuringiensis (FJ236808) and Bacillus pumilus (FJ236809) through 16S rDNA sequencing and deposited in the NCBI GenBank. 

Keywords: Antibacterial activity, Endophytes, MBC, MIC, 16s rDNA sequencing 

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