Hematological factors of Azeri Zebu (Bos primigenius indicus or Bos indicus) and its relation with Zebu hybridization efficiency 


By Orang Estegamat 


For investigation of relation between hematological factors in pure breeds with their hybrids, an experiment with 3groups was conducted. In this breeding experment 120head cattle and calves have been applicated for hybridization. Results showed that hybrids were 3-4 kg heavier than pure parents and had 40-60 kg weight gain. the grow ability was dominant in hybrids and grow dynamics, environmental telorance, resistance to disease or fasting was more in compare with their pure parents. in analysis of hematological parameters, Hemoglubin (Hb) and erytrocite (RBC) numbers of hybrids were more than  parents with 9.8% and 8.4%  Increase, respectively. It is concluded that with hybridization of Azeri Zebu can create dairy and fattening flock with better productivity and hematological characterizes. 

Key words: hybridization, hematological parameters, breeding, Zebu.

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