Gastropod shells used as a Biomonitor 

By Palpandi C., Kesavan K., Shanmugam A.


Level of trace metals (Fe, Mg, Zn and Cu) in four species of gastropod (Turbo bruneus, Littorina scabra, Nodilittorina pyramidalis and Morula funiculata) shells from Kanniyakumari, southeast coast of India was studied. The accumulation of trace metals was in the order of Mg > Fe > Zn > Cu. The accumulation of Mg and Fe in T. bruneus shell was higher than that of in other species. But in the case of Zn and Cu, the concentration was more in Morula funiculata; whereas the minimum accumulation of all the metals studied was recorded in the shells of L. scabra. In the present study Mg content was found to be varying from 65.35±0.1(T. bruneus) to 13.10± 0.284312 ppm (L. scabra). The Fe content was higher in T. bruneus (3.247±0.005 ppm) and lower in L. scabra (1.171±0.0070 ppm); whereas the Zn content was reported maximum in Morula funiculata (2.262±0.005 ppm) and minimum in L. scabra (0.655±0.0333 ppm). The Cu concentration was ranging between 0.450±0.05ppm and 0.122±0.007 ppm in Morula funiculata and L. scabra respectively. So as to understand the background concentration of these trace metals when the level of these metals were studied in the sediment Mg recorded the maximum value of 70.23±0.153 ppm and Cu, the minimum value of 0.7±0.2 ppm. 


Key Words : Trace metals, Turbo bruneus, Littorina scabra, Nodilittorina pyramidalis Morula funiculata and Kanniyakumari.


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