Safety evaluation of the impact of metals contaminants on ecological receptors 

By Nwaichi, O. Eucharia, Onyeike N. Eugene, Wegwu, O. Mathew 


The toxic effects on Vigna subterranea plants grown for 12 weeks in a simulated petroleum (up to 100ml/2kg soil) contaminated soil was investigated. The soil samples in which the plants were established were either un-amended, or amended with NPK, or Urea, or Poultry manure. The rate of metal uptake, plant growth and fruition, which was best with poultry manure amendment were measured. Phytoextraction of metals was effective. Harvested fruits were fed whister albino rats for 28 days to trace the inherent biomagnifications. Hazard characterization revealed negative effects of potentially toxic metals on organ weight, Protein Efficiency Ratio and weight change.  


Key Words : Phytochemistry; Food safety; Metals contaminants; Exposure.


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