Screening of Nigella Sativa seeds for antifungal activity 

By Bhuvan P. Raval, Taxal G. Shah, Maulik P. Suthar, Ashok L. Ganure


In present investigation, antifungal activity of methanolic and ethanolic extracts of the seeds of Nigella sativa was investigated on different pathogenic fungal strain such as Aspergillus, Candida, Cryptococcus and Issatchenkia species. The extracts were prepared by the cold maceration technique, and its antifungal activity was assessed by ‘The National Committee of Clinical Laboratory Science (NCCLS)’ method. We found that methanolic extract of plant exhibits potent inhibition of fungus growth against Candida Parapsilosis, and Issatchenkia Orientalis with IC50Value 4.846 µg/ml, and 6.795 µg/ml, respectively and ethanolic extract also shows significant anti-fungal activity against fungus strain Issatchenkia Orientali with IC 50 value 5.805 µg/ml. 


Key Words : Nigella Sativa, NCCLS, Anti-fungal.   


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