Antimicrobial Susceptibility Trends among Viridan Streptococci Isolates from Cases of Endocarditis from 2007– 2009 

By Geethu M., Prabhu N., Jasmine M. K.


To determine the changes found in antimicrobial resistant character occurred among viridans groups of streptococci, this study examined 30 viridans group streptococci isolated from infective endocarditis patients. The isolation pattern revealed based on biochemical identification as four viridans streptococcal species groups–mitis, mutans, salivarius and sanguinis. Resistance rates of the isolates were as follows, Penicillin–2; Clindamycin–2; Erythromycin–5; Azithromycin–10; Vancomycin–4; Levofloxacin–1 and Ciprofloxacin–2. 


Key Words : Viridans streptococci, endocarditis, antibiogram. 


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