Crystal growth, Comparison of Vibrational and Thermal properties of Semi organic Nonlinear Optical Materials


By S. Gunasekaran, G. Anand, J. Venkatesan, R. Arun Balaji, J. Dhanalakshmi, S. Kumaresan



Single crystals of Urea Thiourea Mercuric Sulphate (UTHS) and Urea Thiourea Magnesium sulphate (UTMS), semi organic nonlinear optical materials, have been grown from a low-temperature solution growth technique by slow evaporation method using water as solvent. Good quality single crystals were grown within three weeks. The nonlinear nature of the crystals was confirmed by SHG test. The UV-Vis spectrum shows the transmitting ability of the crystals in the entire visible region. FTIR spectrum recorded and vibrational assignments were made. The degree of dopant inclusion was ascertained by AAS. The TGA-DTA studies show the thermal properties of the crystals.


Key Words : UTHS, UTMS, NLO crystals, UV-VIS, FTIR, AAS, TGA, DTA, SHG


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