Enzymatic synthesis of nontraditional oils based hydrazides and microwave assisted synthesis of triazines and their evaluation as antimicrobial agents

By S.D. Toliwal, Kalpesh Jadav, Bhumika Bhatt, Nidhi Verma, Namita Jha


Enzymatic hydrazides were made from nontraditional oils by a one step lipase catalysed reaction, carried out by treating the oils with hydrazine mono hydrate at neutral pH using a lipozyme as the catalyst. The hydrazides were also made by chemical route from nontraditional oils by treating their methyl esters with hydrazine monohydrate. Rapid and efficient solvent free synthesis of triazines from chemically synthesized fatty hydrazides made from nontraditional oils under microwave irradiation was carried out using silica gel as an inorganic solid support. The structural features of the synthesized hydrazides and triazines were characterized by FT-IR and elemental analysis. The newly synthesized triazines and enzymatically made hydrazides exhibited fairly good antimicrobial activity.


Key Words : Nontraditional oils, Enzymatic hydrazides,   Triazine,   Antibacterial,   Antifungal,   Streptomycin, Imidil

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