Kinetics of Iodination of Substituted Hydroxy Aromatic Ketones by Iodine and Iodic Acid


By Bhagwan R. Patil, Sandeep V. Khansole, Shyam S. Mokle, Archana Y.Vibhute, Yeshwant B. Vibhute



The kinetics of iodination of the substituted hydroxy aromatic ketones using iodine and iodic acid in ethanol has been studied under varying conditions. The rates show first order kinetics each in iodine and hydroxy aromatic ketones and zero order with respect to iodic acid. The rates of reactions are measured at different temperature and activation parameters for all hydroxy aromatic ketones computed. The correlation between the enthalpies and free energies of activations is reasonably linear with an isokinetic temperature 379.44K. Similarly log A values of all the hydroxy aromatic ketones are optimized corresponding to Ea of hydroxy aromatic ketones through the equation, log A = log kobs + Ea / 2.303 RT.  


Key Words : Kinetics, iodination, hydroxy aromatic ketones, iodine, iodic acid


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