Taste sensor: The pharmaceutical taste analyser

By Inderbir Singh, Pradeep Kumar,  Rakesh K. Sindhu, Hassan Aboul-Enein


Taste sensor is an intelligent electronic cum biophysical device that could be explored to artificially reproduce the sense of taste, which is otherwise a complex, comprehensive sense of man. Several kinds of foodstuffs, mineral waters and pharmaceutical formulations could be discriminated/differentiated easily using the taste sensor. Different electric potentials generated by chemical substances after interaction with the lipid/polymer membrane of the taste sensor is the basis of taste discrimination by the sensor. Hence, the taste sensors can be considered as a valuable tool in the evolution of bitterness intensity in function of time, which is essential in the selection of an optimal formulation. In the present study we have tried to explain the theory, composition and functioning of a taste sensor along with the potential applications of the same.


Key Words : Taste • Tastant • Taste masking • Bitterness • Lipid/Polymer membrane


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