Variation of bulk density and organic matter in soils of tea garden belt of undivided Darrang district, Assam


By Kamala Kanta Borah, Bhabajit Bhuyan, H. P. Sarma


Quantitative measures to monitor soil physical properties like bulk density and organic matter are more developed now and are still being explored as to how these measures control the total pore space and pore size distribution in soil. The present study has been undertaken to study the variation of SOM and {rho}b in and around some selected tea gardens of Darrang district, Assam for strengthening regional soil quality database so that purpose-oriented soil assessments and predictions can be made in the area. Thirty soil samples were collected from the study area and analysed for SOM and {rho}b as per standard procedures. The study reveals SOM and {rho}b in the area exhibit an unsymmetrical dis­tribution with a long tail either on the right or left side of the mean. It is, therefore, important that we value and conserve our soils so that they will continue to be useful in the future.


Key Words : Compaction, Bulk density, Soil organic matter, Soil quality


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