Growth, characterization and gas sensing properties of polyaniline thin films


By S.G.Pawar, S.L.Patil, A.T.Mane, B.T.Raut, V.B.Patil



Polyaniline synthesized by chemical polymerization method and thin films were prepared by spin coating method. Room temperature sensing properties of polyaniline thin films were studied for various oxidizing (NO and Cl2) as well as reducing (NH3 and H2S) gases. It has been observed that a polyaniline film possesses high sensitivity and fast response time for ammonia gas. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy revealed formation of polyaniline. The morphological study showed that formation of uniform granular structure with average grain size of 60nm.


Key Words : Ammonia Sensor, Polyaniline, chemical polymerization, Fourier transform infrared  spectroscopy


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