A study on polypropylene fabric using ion irradiation


By J. Payamara, S. Shahidi, J. Wiener



The main goal of this work was examination of structural and compositional changes in the Polypropylene (PP) fabrics caused by ion irradiation. In this work, the PP fabric were irradiated with CO2 ions. The Implantation conditions (i.e, exposure time, beam current, and discharge power) were changed to control the extend of surface modification and the effects of irradiation were studied using different instruments. Also dye ability of the untreated sample and treated under different conditions were investigated by using a 3% wt aqueous solution of a basic dyestuff.

The obtained data show that, ion beam processing of PP fabrics allows an adjustable modification of their surface properties. The functional groups on the surface of samples were examined using FTIR spectrometer. Moreover, dyeing properties for treated fabrics has been tested. Significant increase in color strength has been achieved. Morphology of samples was examined by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

Keywords: Ion Beam, Surface modification, Polymer, Polypropylene, Fabrics

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