The oxidation of 2,4.6- trinitroresorcine (TNR) using zero-valent iron (ZVI)


By Le Quoc Trung,  Nguyen Duc Hung, Tran Van Chung, I. Francis Cheng



This paper describes the character of the reduction of TNR by ZVI in anaerobic conditions and the oxidative reaction of amine resorcine in the system of ZVI-EDTA-O2. The products of TNR by ZVI in anaerobic conditions were amine resorcine compounds. These compounds tend to be easier to be oxidized by the free radical OH generated in the system of ZVI-EDTA-O2. HPLC method and analysis COD have been used for monitoring efficiency of reactions. The experiments have suggested that the removal of TNR from groundwater is likely implemented by two steps. The first step is reduction of TNR bys ZVI to form amine resorcine. The second step is oxidation of amine resorcine in system consisting of ZVI-EDTA-O2.From the obtained results a model for TNR contaminated groundwater treatment has been suggested.

Key Words : Reduction of TNR, Two step removal of TNR, Treatment of TNR, Zero-valent iron with TNR

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